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I am a blogger and love my job, my life. I'd like to share some experience in telecom field here, hope you enjoy your stay at my blog!

02 Mar

How to Upgrade From 10GbE to 40GbE for Multimode Fiber?

Publié par Angelina Li  - Catégories :  #Ethernet

To cope with the never-ending requirement for higher bandwidth, people are looking to migrate from 10G Ethernet to 40G Ethernet, whilst keeping their fiber infrastructure in compliance. However, the ability to migrate from 10G to 40G hinges on knowing the nature and length of the backbone cable. If you don’t know the overall length of the circuit, connector style (LC, 12 or 24 fiber MPO) or the fiber type (OM2, OM3, OM4, SM, etc.), you will trigger some mistakes during the migration. Then the following passage provides instantaneous access to detailed information about upgrading from 10G to 40G over multimode fiber.

Migrating from 10GbE to 40GbE for multimode fiber will require a lot more fibers and a different type of connector. Because 10G SR transceivers require 2 fiber strands per 10G link, 40G SR4 and CSR4 transceivers require a minimum of 8 fiber strands, and often 12 fiber strands in practice. The reason for this requirement is that 40G SR4 and CSR4 transceivers use 4 parallel fiber pairs (8 fiber strands) at 10Gbps each for a total of 40G full duplex. What’s more, 10G SR transceivers operate over dual-fiber multimode fiber (MMF) with LC connectors, and 40G SR protocols, such as SR4 and CSR4, operate over MMF ribbon with MPO connectors. As a result, 40G MPO-based SR4 transceivers cannot reuse aggregation fiber infrastructure built for 10G connectivity requiring fiber cabling infrastructure to be redesigned and replaced. The following text provides two cost-effective solutions for upgrading to 40G network.

Scenario 1—if upgrading from 10G to 40G, one or more of the LC Duplex cassette(s) can be replaced with 12 MPO adapters. The MPO adapters are designed to fit in the same opening as the cassettes. This easy upgrade path uses the 8-fiber harness cable to connect to the 10G SFP+. From Figure 1, we can see that 4 10G SFP+ modules like SFP-10GB-SR are connected with MPO adapter by MTP harness cable. It does not require any additional space and reuses the same patch panels. Additional 12-fiber cable assemblies (or any fiber counts in multiples of 12 fibers) are provided as needed for backbone or horizontal cabling.

Scenario 2—if it is required to add some 40G connections while retaining the 10G connections, like Figure 2 shows, use one MPO/MTP LGX Cassette to connect four 10G SFP+ links. Then a Type-B female MPO/MTP trunk cable should be used between the cassette and 40G QSFP+ transceiver. QSFP+ transceiver like QSFP-40G-SR4 is needed here to provide a cost-effective solution for smoothly migrating to 40G connectivity.

Recommended Information
At the end of the passage, I want to stress some factors that you should take into consideration when upgrading from 10G to 40G for multimode fiber.

  • Media type—the type of cable and connector, such as LC or MPO, 12 or 24 strand fiber cable.
  • Wiring pattern—12 and 24 strand cables won’t have the same wiring patterns, and it’s essential to track the wiring pattern coming out of trunk cable A and know whether it’s compatible going into trunk cable B.
  • Performance level—whether it is a 40 or 100GbE cable, OM3 or OM4. This also provides details about the expected performance of a cable assembly.
  • Insertion and cleaning—the number of insertions is used as an indicator of how often a particular fiber should be cleaned – if the fiber has been re-connected four or five times, it’s a good idea to clean it to remove dust or oil.
  • Length of cable—the intelligent connectors enable the database to add up all the components on a circuit and see if the circuit exceeds the length budgets for 10, 40, or 100GbE. Even if the circuit segments are different lengths, it will base the length determination on the media type and expected performance level.

To upgrade from 10G to 40G directly, there are several factors we should look to. And I hope the above two scenarios will be helpful to you. Fiberstore provides a variety of 40G cables and parallel QSFP+ transceivers to help you achieve 10G to 40G migration easily. We also offer all kinds of specification mulitmode or single-mode MTP to LC break out cables. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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I am a blogger and love my job, my life. I'd like to share some experience in telecom field here, hope you enjoy your stay at my blog!