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I am a blogger and love my job, my life. I'd like to share some experience in telecom field here, hope you enjoy your stay at my blog!

03 Nov

General Information About 10G SFP+ Module

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The 10G optic modules are designed for 10G data transmission applications including 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gbqs Fibre Channel, synchronous optical networking. It has been developed from XENPAK, X2, XFP and finally achieves with SFP+ (small form-factor pluggable plus). Nowadays 10G SFP+ modules have gradually replaced XFP and become the mainstream of the market owing to its lower cost, smaller size and the ability to offer 1G/10G combo ports on hardware. Today’s article will explain some detailed information about 10G SFP+.

Overview of 10G SFP+

10G SFP+ transceivers was published by MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) in 2002. They are multi-purpose optical modules for 10Gbqs data transmission applications at 850 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm. The transceivers are ideally suited for data communication and storage space network (SAN/NAS) applications based on the IEEE 802.3ae.

Why Do People Choose 10G SFP+?

Five years after the first 10Gbps optical transceiver standard (XENPAK) was issued, a new MSA called the “SFP+” was published. This agreement has been the basis for the most commercially successful 10Gbps optical transceivers. There are several reasons for the success of the SFP+ standard.

  • Flexibility

The SFP+ standard builds on a previous one—the SFP MSA (primarily a 1Gb standard). SFP+ modules are the same physical size as SFPs and the SFP+ standard allows either type of module to operate in the new SFP+ slots.

  • Small Size

SFP+ modules are one tenth the size of the original XENPAK 10G modules (see Figure 1) and are the same size as the popular 1Gbps SFP modules. This small size allows the design of systems with 10G ports of the same density as previous generations with 1G ports.

  • Low Cost

Since SFP+ modules share many components (bezel, housing, latch/locking mechanism) on the previous SFP standard, the cost of the 10G modules inherits the low cost of these components. SFP+ units are also lower power, contributing to cost savings.

Physical Layers of 10G Gigabit Ethernet

10G SFP+ modules are available in the market as SFP-10G-ER, SFP-10G-LR, SFP-10G-SR, SFP-10G-LRM, etc. But it may strike you odd about the term—ER, LR and SR. In fact, those refer to the physical layers of 10G Gigabit Ethernet. The text below will present two common physical layers in short. But for more information, please see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/10_Gigabit_Ethernet.


10GBASE-SR (short range) is a port type for multi-mode fiber and uses 850nm lasers. It delivers serialized data at a line rate of 10.3125 Gbqs. Over obsolete FDDI-grade 62.5 micrometers multi-mode fiber cabling it has a maximum range of 26 meters, over 62.5 micrometers OM1 it has a range of 33 meters, over 50 micrometers OM2 a range of 82 meters, over OM3 300 meters and over OM4 400 meters. OM3 and OM4 are the preferred choices for structured optical cabling within buildings. The 10GBASE-SR transmitter is implemented with a VCSEL which is low cost and low power. OM3 and OM4 optical cabling is sometimes described as laser optimized because they have been designed to work with VCSELs.


10GBASE-LR (long reach) is a port type for single-mode fiber and uses 1310nm lasers. It delivers serialized data at a line rate of 10.3125 Gbqs. Take Finisar FTLX1471D3BCL as an example, this module is based on the SFP MSA, compliant with the Gigabit Ethernet and 10GBASE-LR standards as specified in IEEE 802.3. It supports 10GBASE-LR operation in host systems with a compact duplex LC connector. The image below is an overview of this product.


With its substantial advantages in cost, size and power, along with flexibility to support any type of optical interface while maintaining backward compatibility with previous SFPs, the SFP+ is bound to continue to dominate the market for 10G optic modules for the next 10 years or more. Fiberstore provides compatible 10G SFP+ transceivers with major brands like Cisco, HP, Junper, Finisar, etc. Meanwhile, we could customize compatible SFP+ modules to fit your specific requirements. Contact us if you have any question about 10G transceiver modules.

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I am a blogger and love my job, my life. I'd like to share some experience in telecom field here, hope you enjoy your stay at my blog!